"revelers without a cause"

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 Willy Drynkette started singing

at an early age and was quickly

asked to stop by his neighbors. 

His loud and very annoying voice

could be heard bellowing from

the roof-tops even though

he had not yet reached puberty.

  The resounding squeaks were often mistaken for dying cats

which led him to take up playing

the tin whistle…a similar sound the way Willy plays it. His voice,  fortunately,

has gotten somewhat better.




The Bards of Bruery are William Edward Drynkette (Will E. Drynkette) and Phillip McGlass.  They are from the small village of Bruery just outside the town of Alesburgshire on the Southwest Eastern most Northern border of England which is as far away from London as you can get. ~  They met one fateful day as they woke up next to one another in a ditch and realized they were both soaked in stout. 

Hence the name that they took on. 


 They wander aimlessly around the villages and county-sides looking to make only enough for another pint. Perhaps they will be in your area soon…if so, be sure to put a few coins in their hands and they’ll play you a tune or two.



The Bards are occasionally joined

by Brother Grimm - a monk of slightly

questionable virtue who joins them

(most likely for free ale)

whenever they have not managed

to elude him -


Brother Grimm



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Phillip McGlass plays acoustic
guitar and sings harmony. His
favorite beverage is any ale
which he doesn’t have to pay for. 
The son of Scottish parents who
lost him in a bet at the age of six,
he spent most of his youth
in the employ of a storyteller
traveling from town to town. 
Although he can’t remember
most of his younger days, he
does have a vague recollection
of a sheep that was his best friend.

booking bribes enthusiastically accepted


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